Five Healthy Habits That Will Prolong Your Life

Regular exercise, following a healthy diet, not smoking, not becoming overweight, and drinking only moderate amounts of alcohol could all lengthen life at age 50 for women by 14 years and for men by 12 years.

This was the conclusion of the first study to thoroughly analyse the relationship between “low-risk lifestyle factors” and life expectancy in the United States. A paper on the research is shortly to be published in the journal Circulation.

The new study used data from 78,865 women over 34 years and from 44,354 men over 27 years.

Bringing all the results together, the researchers found that women who did not follow any of the five low-risk factors had a life expectancy of 29 years at age 50, compared with 43.1 years for those who adopted all five.

There was a similar pattern for men, with those who did not adopt any of the five factors having a life expectancy of 25.5 years at age 50, compared with 37.6 years for those who adopted all of them.

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