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I've just completed the 15 day detox. Just a bit of background. I was diagnosed type 2 diabetic 6 months ago, and now I am diet controlled. And since diagnosis and detox I've lost 11kg. Now weigh 85kg. I am on low dose daily aspirin because I had a "mild heart attack" back in August last year but am now off betta blockers too. ( I believe it was more to do with stress and anxiety as there were no blockages found).

The improvement in me is unbelievable! One of my friends has just started it on my recommendation too. And just so you are aware. I normally SUFFER with extremely cysty, sore, swollen breasts at least 2 weeks before I am due. Just calculated that I am due in around 5 days and NOTHING!!! NOT EVEN A SLIGHT DISCOMFORT!!! This is the first time in around 20 odd years I have not had breast pain.

Thanks so much


I have to tell you, with 2 days left to go on your 15-Day Cleanse diet, I have not felt so good healthwise for years!

I'm 76 and full of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, which has restricted me with my act of daily living for at least 10 years. I'm telling everyone they must do it! I feel so pain-free (happened within 3 days) plus I'm not always afternoon napping now, which is a waste of time!

Many thanks. How often is it recommended to do? Though at the moment, I will not miss the quinoa or that awful breakfast powder for a while!

Thank you for showing me it is possible for me to be not tired and pain-free.


MegPerth, WA

Dear Dr Sandra Cabot,

Thank you so much for your wonderful 15-Day Cleanse. I began your cleanse on Saturday. I had a stye growing (my eye was feeling itchy and I could feel it growing in size). By Sunday it was about 3mm in size. Boring, I thought to myself. I have to do something about it before I can get to see my doctor who was booked out. But by Monday morning it was gone!!! It was fully grown when I went to sleep Sunday night. Your 15-Day Cleanse works wonders. It certainly got me purging and helped to get rid of my stye. I’m stoked!

Angie FordMelbourne, Victoria

I met Dr Cabot working as a flight attendant and happened to be looking for a cleanse to try. I am no stranger to cleanses and diets, having tried many over the years. The timing was a gift from the angels! I am thrilled with the results of her 15-Day Cleanse. My results were noticeable within days! Glowing skin, no bloating, no brain fog, stronger nails, and a total fat loss of 1.5kg after a week. I still felt energised and was able to maintain my hard earned muscle tone gained at the gym. I absolutely love the recipes and have become quite the chef using her meal plans. At 47, I have finally found a better way of living, all thanks to Dr Cabot.

Jeanette McDonaldBrisbane, Australia

Seeing as though “dry July" is coming up, I thought this might be the perfect time to give my body a break from my lovely Red wine and comfort food. 😫 Dr Sandra Cabot to the rescue. Great way to ward off winter colds and flu. Thanks to my beautiful friend Shonagh Walker for the heads up!

I’ve been a fan of your [Dr Sandra Cabot’s] products for many years. Looking forward to starting this cleanse and feeling on top of the world soon. I’ve used Dr Sandra Cabot before, and I love her products. Her magnesium powder is the best I’ve tried; also the liver shots are excellent.

Jo Beth TaylorQueensland

Dear Dr Cabot

Thank you so much for giving me the advice I needed to help with my liver. I told you in my phone consultation with you on 19th April 2018 that my liver fibro-scan score was 28.4 (very high). I was always hot in the face and sweating even when other people were cold – I am not so hot and sweaty anymore.

After talking with you, I immediately commenced on your 15-day Dr Cabot Cleanse and you wanted me to email you after I finished it.

I had an ultrasound scan done on my liver and abdomen yesterday; I saw my GP today with the results. I cried with joy and relief when my GP told me today that my liver has improved!

My weight since the 19th April has dropped 10.1kg following a week of me doing my own clean eating and removing sugar completely out of my diet... I then did your Dr Cabot Cleanse and the results of my ultrasound showed my score had dropped to 9.0 and F2. This reading still puts me in the fatty liver category but not at an F4 level where I was back on the 19th when my specialist was convinced I had cirrhosis of the liver. But you explained that it was due to acute severe inflammation of the liver and not cirrhosis as it could still be reversed. You told me I needed to treat it with a good cleansing plan.

I loved being on the Dr Cabot Cleanse powders for liver, body and gut and I think they have really helped me.

My blood glucose (sugar) levels have been amazing – only 5.3 mmols most mornings when I wake.

Thank you again I feel so much healthier already following your advice and staying away from sugar, soft drinks, gluten and all processed foods and no takeaway. I am so proud of myself and I can’t believe how much weight I have lost.

Progress Update

As you know I commenced your 15-day liver cleanse back on 19th April and I am currently on my third round. I have 100% stuck to your recommendations on the liver detox etc and I am now (drum roll lol) down 18.7kg! In just over 2 months!

All thanks go to your Cleanse Dr Sandra ... you have changed my life for the better.

Progress Update

Thank you Dr Carbot for everything ... I am still losing weight and continuing 100% with my clean eating and definitely no processed foods and sugar. I only drink water (with lemon n lime sometimes too) and green tea. Not one sip of soft drink since the 19th April. I'm down 20.8kg. WHOOPEEEEE!

I want everyone I know that struggles with their health/weight to know about your products ... it’s actually hard for me now seeing people eating so poorly I just want to shake them and tell them about you.... well I don't shake them, but I do tell them about you 😂. You are saving so many lives and giving them back their sparkle. One of my dear friends says I sparkle now. That's so cool. 😊

Progress Update

I made the decision that this is for life, not a diet, and it made it so much easier.

I have kept up with the weight loss (Make that 3 times) and I am now down 28kg 😍 it slowed down a little but now I get on my treadmill 30 mins a day sometimes longer for a fast walk and jog.

I feel amazing thanks to you and the staff at work are commenting a lot since I returned from holidays. They can see I am losing more now. Thank you, Dr Sandra, for everything xx

Crystal GQueensland

My husband and I have just completed our 15day cleanse that we purchased at GoVita, and I just wanted to relay what a difference it has made. I would say that we are really healthy eaters and not overweight in any way, but we wanted to break some bad habits….having two glasses of wine EVERY night, me sleeping atrociously, my husband drinking coffee. All these things have been addressed. I am now fine with just a glass a couple of times a week, I have cut out my one cup of coffee per day (lemon/ginger tea for me), and my husband is just having one with brekkie and no sugar or milk, I am sleeping the night through (which I thought would never happen again), and we have discovered coconut yoghurt mmmm. But the biggest bonus has been the wake-up call as to how much sugar we were consuming without even realising it. I sat down one day with scales and spooned sugar into a bowl based on our old eating habits…frightening. SO, we haven’t even refilled the sugar bowls yet, we have switched from pineapple juice to vege juice, and we think twice (really hard) before we put anything down our throats.

Thanks, Dr Cabot & team. We found the cleanse quite do-able and have recommended it to our family and friends.

Liza Spitzkowsky

Thank you for putting together such a brilliant cleanse product. Also, the recipes are awesome. I am improvising on some of them as there are some ingredients like mushrooms I prefer not to eat. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I have never seen anything like this before. Such care and attention to detail has gone into this.

Just brilliant.


I decided to share my success story with you because it could be helpful to many people.

For a long time, I had been very unhappy with myself because I was so overweight and generally unwell. I knew I had reached a point where I just had to do something about it. But where to start?

Then I picked up a pamphlet from my local pharmacy which read “The Ultimate Total Body Cleanse” from Dr Sandra Cabot.

This I thought is for me, a total body cleanse: My Starting Point!

So easy, all the instructions and recipes included day by day, in the simple to follow booklet.

Just after a few days, I began to feel better, so I stuck to it religiously, and as the days passed, I noticed my clothes were feeling looser, and I was slowly losing weight. What a bonus!

After the 15 Days, I realised I had lost 8.4kg and was feeling so much better in every way. Now I am on the Maintenance programme, one for the Gut and the other is the Super powder.

I am continuing to use the recipes which my family also enjoy, plus I am keeping up with a light exercise regime every day.

The best thing is the change in myself. I feel good about who I am. I feel happier, and I am enjoying my new feeling of wellbeing. I know I am on the way to becoming the person I want to be.

Thank you, Dr Cabot.

Kaye TonkinAdelaide

My colleague who is Australian introduced your book (to me) when I told her I have been having extremely elevated liver function tests. I have had abnormal liver functions in the past 12 years though. She advised for me to follow your book.

I have followed it for 6 months now, and for the first time in 12 years, all my liver functions are normal.

Also, I have reached a normal weight and to maintain this weight I follow the principles of the liver cleansing.

Thank you very much, Dr Cabot, I have never felt (as) energetic in the past 15 years.

Cindy D R

I decided to go on Dr Cabot’s 15-day detox because having been away on holidays plus Christmas celebrations; I had got into some bad eating habits; I felt lethargic and unmotivated.

I found the Cleanse meals easy to prepare and good for the whole family to eat. Amazing that I never once felt hungry (even though there are some delicious snacks that you can have if you do feel hungry).

One of the things I loved about the food was that it made me try different things which I would not have previously considered. I was surprised how delicious the meals were, and I will continue to use them in my normal diet now.

I was having trouble with my lower back and hip and also some arthritis in my hand, and although I have been going to an excellent chiropractor, he has not been able to completely fix the problem.

About three-quarters of the way through the detox I realised I had no pain in my hip, lower back or hand and it appeared that the detox may have cleared up a lot of the inflammation.

The 3 Cleanse powders were easy to take. I just had them in a glass of water. But you can take them in juice or smoothies. The morning and evening powder tasted like a weak milkshake and the lunchtime one like a green vegetable juice.

I lost 2 kg’s in 15 days and felt really motivated to go on.

The maintenance diet was not yet on the website, so I just started going through the Detox recipes again.

Although I’m not a real sweet tooth, I do love to have a hot chocolate occasionally. It was really the only thing I craved.

Finally, I finished the detox and went out for a coffee with friends. I was thinking about the hot chocolate all morning, but when I got to the shop, I thought, no, I don’t really feel like that, so I had a herbal tea. I’ve also noticed I no longer have any cravings for sweet treats.

I feel great since the detox. I found it easy to do and will continue to use the recipes and look forward to the maintenance diet and maintenance powder when it becomes available.

Jacky GraysonAdelaide
DETOXIFYING – Supports the detoxification pathways of the liver to improve the breakdown and elimination of toxins from the body.
IMMUNE BOOSTING – Combines potent sources of vitamin C, Kakadu plum and the enzymes bromelain and papain designed to reduce inflammation.
PROTEIN – Contains easily absorbed protein and the active form of folic (folinic) acid. Doubles up as an excellent protein shake for your daily routine.
DETOXIFYING – Supports the detoxification pathways of the liver to improve the breakdown and elimination of toxins from the body.
IMMUNE BOOSTING – Combines potent sources of vitamin C, Kakadu plum and the enzymes bromelain and papain designed to reduce inflammation.
PROTEIN – Contains easily absorbed protein and the active form of folic (folinic) acid. Doubles up as an excellent protein shake for your daily routine.
CLEANSING – Contains the probiotic Saccharomyces Boulardii, which fights pathogenic bacteria and candida, and rebalances gut flora. Absorbs heavy metals and toxins from the gut for removal in the faeces.
SOOTHING – Designed to reduce inflammation in the gut by providing a protective mucilage. Helps to reduce heartburn.
REPAIRING – Contains glutamine which is vital for repairing gut damage and restoring normal intestinal permeability. Reduces leaky gut. Glutamine is the major fuel source for the intestinal cells and restores gut integrity and promotes healing.
IMPROVED ABSORPTION – Designed to improve digestion and nutrient absorption. A damaged and/or inflamed gut will not absorb nutrients, even if you have a healthy diet.