Dr Cabot Ultimate Gut Health 250g – Maintenance


Soothes heals and repairs the gut – 250g Powder

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Dr Cabot Ultimate Gut Health

Dr Cabot Ultimate Gut Health keeps your intestines as healthy as possible. Designed to soothe, heal and repair the gut lining, you will find your intestines love this powder. Dr Cabot Ultimate Gut Health supports better digestion and favourable and healthy gut bacteria. Helpful for acidity, reflux, bloating, sensitive gut, sluggish bowels and leaky gut.

Maintain a healthy happy gut with Dr Cabot Ultimate Gut Health.

The benefits of Dr Cabot Ultimate Gut Health:

  • Reduces leaky gut
  • Soothes heals and repairs the gut
  • Promotes healthy gut bacteria
  • Fights Candida overgrowth
  • Assists with heavy metal detox

Suitable for those who:

  • Have a leaky gut
  • Experience gas or bloating
  • Have nutrient deficiencies
  • Suffer constipation or diarrhoea (IBS)
  • Have candida overgrowth or recurrent yeast infections
  • Experience reflux, indigestion or heartburn
  • Have inflammation or irritation in the gut
  • Experience low mood/brain fog – the gut-brain connection is very important
  • Have food intolerances or allergies
  • Experience low energy


Empty one level scoop (10 g) into a glass of water, vegetable juice or smoothie and stir well.

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